Etsy Round Up | Engagement Photos

Changing it up a little today, for our regular Wednesday Etsy round up. (By the way to see all of the past round ups, click here.)

Because of the fabulous blog Brooklyn Bride, I'm secretly not-so-secretly dying to fly out to NYC for to shoot our engagement photos with Elizabeth Kaye. It's my fave city to visit, and David fell in love with NYC as well when we went last year for my birthday and Beth love the idea too.

It would be so much fun!

But highly unlikely. Wah wah waaaaah. If only I had my own private jet. But a girl can still dream.

image by Squaresville Studios , via Brooklyn Bride

I've still got our engagement session on the brain, so here's a fun little round up:

vintage red heart white rhin...
Classic Ballet Tulle Skirt i...
Wool Felt Bow Headband, Larg...
Classic black onyx faceted r...
Illustrated Wedding Invitati...
Set of 2 - Plastic Mustache ...
36 inch balloon latex - heli...
14K White Gold Black Diamond...
Red polka dot bow tie - doub...


  1. so cute! That girls hair is really cute as well LOL. NYC would definitely be a neat engagement session! But I bet yours will be fantastic either way : ) Can't wait to see!

  2. It would be nice, but NYC isn't your home. I think these pictures have so much more meaning when it's where you live!

  3. LOVE this! Thanks for including our 36" balloons. We linked to your page from our online store - Thanks again! - Makes me want to marry my husband all over again!


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