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Who Doesn't Love Kisses? | DIY Wedding Favours

When it comes to wedding favours (or "bomboniere") I believe that edible options are best.

Elizabeth In Love wedding photos Burlington Golf and Country Club KJ and Co wedding planner DIY wedding favours, DIY wedding favors
image by Elizabeth In Love

I'll never forget an old co-worker telling me how she had a drawer at home filled with trinkets she received at weddings that she had absolutely no use for. Not all of your guests will appreciate a monogrammed wine corkscrew as much as you, no matter how well it fits your theme or love of fermented grape beverages. What a waste of your hard-earned money?!

So for that reason I love to suggest edible wedding favours. The possibilities are endless: chocolates, candies, candy bars, cookies, mini pies, and so on.

One of my previous couples made their own apple cider seasoning packets and packaged them up with twine and a cinnamon stick. Another pair opted for mini jars of home made jam.

If the DIY route isn't for you, there are plenty of local companies providing lots of neat edible wedding favour options.

For my own wedding we chose simple milk chocolate Hershey's Kisses. It's a treat we often have around the house and our friends love to gobble them up snack on them when visiting. While the chocolates themselves were incredibly simple and easy to purchase in bulk, I put a lot of thought in to how we would package them in order to make them fit our theme.

Inspiration came when Lindsay from The Penny Paper Co. gifted me with a custom wedding stamp!

custom wedding stamp penny paper co

While we're on the subject, The Penny Paper Co. has loads of awesome stuff but the stamps are by far my favourite. They're a neat way to customize your wedding items and paper goods, but I also think newlyweds would love to receive a personal address stamp as a gift. I'll be sure to use our stamp again on our thank you card envelopes.

The colourful boxes I used came from Etsy, of course. I ordered colour samples first to pick a few hues that best matched our pink, orange and yellow theme. Mel from Wedding Ambiance was a huge help, always quick to get back to me when I had plenty of bridezilla moments questions. They came flat, with adhesive already attached so I folded and assembled them over a few nights and stored them in a large box, out of the way, until I was ready to fill them with treats.

For the tags I used simple white card stock from Michaels. This might have been the most time consuming part, since I included a message on the back side of the tags. ("Thank you for being sweet and celebrating with us." Slightly cheesy, but I like cheese.) Figuring out the right size, formatting everything, and then printing, cutting and stamping 150 tags. This did not happen in one sitting. Using a paper cutter with ruled lines definitely helped. If any of you would like, I can send you my tag template, just send me an email.

I scored gross-grain ribbon in the perfect colours at the dollar store if you can believe it. I'm pretty sure I cleaned out all the local stores of their stock in our colours. I also used the ribbon and coordinating card stock to make our simple wedding ceremony programs.

About a week and half before the wedding I set up a sweat shop production line in our dining room and we assembled them in front of the TV. David was even allowed to help! (Except when it came to tying the bows and cutting points in to the ribbon. I don't entirely trust his crafting skills.)

Never underestimate your partner's willingness to help with wedding tasks, especially when there is candy involved. Truth be told, he did a great job, and it was nice to accomplish something hands-on and wedding-related together.

I'm absolutely thrilled with how they all turned out. It was the perfect pop of colour on the reception tables and our guests enjoyed them too. Most broke in to the chocolates before dinner was served!

Elizabeth In Love wedding photos Burlington Golf and Country Club KJ and Co wedding planner DIY wedding favours, DIY wedding favors
image by Elizabeth In Love

Elizabeth In Love wedding photos Burlington Golf and Country Club KJ and Co wedding planner DIY wedding favours, DIY wedding favors
image by Elizabeth In Love

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