Do Your Bridesmaids A Favour

As much as your BFFs love you, they're just not dying to wear a standard issue bridesmaid dress. Manicures, pedicures, primping with professional hair and makeup artists is a blast, albeit an expensive one, but nothing is more of a bummer than an ugly bridesmaid dress.

image via Style Me Pretty, by Michael + Anna Costa Photography

No matter how cute you think it is, very few bridesmaids dresses can be worn again, with out looking entirely obvious. So as all the new bride-to-be's begin pinning up a storm, here are a few of my fave options to change it up. Do you girls a solid and follow these tips for picking a gown they'll be happy to wear:

Go Neutral

I promise, just because your girls will be in a similar shade to you, you're still going to stand out as the bride. And look how well the bouquets pop in the example below, on the left?

image via The Lane, by Jemma Keech Photography

Mix & Match

There's a reason why everyone's jumping on the mix and match bandwagon. Actually there are as many reasons as there are variations. But #1, it looks awesome.

Whether everyone wears the same dress in a different colour. Or if your girls are a mixed bag of shapes and sizes, it might be easier to have them pick different dresses and stick to one colour or a colour palette. That way everyone can pick a dress that they feel their best in no matter what shape they might be. Not everyone is brave enough to go strapless/backless/super-fitted/insert-style-that-terrifies-you-here.

image via Style Me Pretty, by Kelly Stonelake Photography

image via Ruffled, by Delbarr Moradi

Keep It Classy

One of the main reasons that bridesmaids dresses get a bad wrap is because they often come in heinous colours and outdated styles. Just because you can choose a gown that perfectly matches the shade of tangerine or turquoise or green that you've fallen in love with for your invitations, doesn't mean that you should.

The key to picking colours is to keep it classy (think black, navy, deep purple, shades of grey) or light and airy or neutral (blush, oyster, taupe). If you insist on picking a bright colour, choose a simple and elegant silhouette and fabric. Everyone will feel ridiculous in orange taffeta, seriously especially with an asymmetrical hem or one ruffled shoulder.

image via Style Me Pretty, by Jose Villa

image via Wedding Chicks, by Tyler Branch

Think Outside The Box

Maybe the level of formality calls for a more casual look, or the feel you're going for requires something a little less traditional. How about matching cardigans, floral prints, or unique skirts? Bonus points if you're willing to choose sequins, or tulle!

image via Style Me Pretty, by Oli Sansom

image via Snippet & Ink, by Kate Osborne

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