Wedding Day Essentials | My Emergency Bag

On every event and wedding day, with out a doubt, the most important item I pack in the car is my emergency bag. Not only does this bag carry my itinerary clipboard, files, keys and phone charger, (and often the marriage license) it also packs an assortment of wedding day necessities for emergencies big and small.

Sporting my emergency bag in Toronto's Distillery District for a rainy October wedding.

Sporting my emergency bag in Toronto's Distillery District for a rainy October wedding.

I find a backpack work best for me, because it keeps my hands free as I zip around an event space. My old pack was huge, complete with wheels and a retractable handle. The time came to replace it this summer, when a zipper broke. I hunted obsessively, settling on a black (of course) Lennox backpack from Herschel Supply. The smaller profile compared to my old bag is a blessing, but there are still plenty of pockets to keep my things sorted.

Because it's not practical to wear my backpack for an entire wedding day, I also purchased a black Scarlett Hip Purse. Yes, that's right, I rock a fanny pack. It's the perfect size to carry my iPhone and more. I love the pockets inside for my ID and credit cards and cash, so I don't need to worry about leaving a wallet unattended once I tuck my backpack away. It usually carries Kleenex, bobby pins, pens, safety pins and other random bits and pieces.

There's a huge assortment of items in my emergency bag, from rain ponchos to Tylenol and usually at least two or three barbecue lighters. Those votive candles aren't going to light themselves!

Here are the top five most used items in my bag:


Wet Wipes

False eyelash glue


Barbecue lighter

There are a million other things in the bag, just in case. Everything from pre-pasted tooth brushes to deodorant wipes, razors, a sewing kit, combs, all kinds of tape, Tylenol, Gravol, Tums and more.

It's saved the day again and again!