Knife Dock DIY

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On our trip to New York City, I did a little happy dance when I realized how close the hotel was to The Container Store. David patiently walked through both floors and probably every single aisle along with me. I ended up leaving empty-handed. I was too overwhelmed and everything I really wanted to get seemed too big to carry home on the airplane.

I never forgot about the cork knife docks. I've looked for something similar since we returned home and I haven't found anything. I was bound and determined that I could make one myself.

I finally did it!

All you need is a sharp utility knife, a ruler, a cutting mat (I used an inexpensive flexible cutting board from Ikea) and cork sheets. Cork is available on a roll at most hardware stores, mine was free as it was laying around David's office.

Here's how I did it, complete with outtakes:

1) Measure the inside of the drawer of your choice and mark the dimensions on your cork.

2) Realise you measured incorrectly and cut off slivers until the cork fits in the bottom of the drawer.

3) When you've almost got it, but the cork gets stuck, use a fork to unstick it.

4) Almost there, reward yourself with a Skittle break.

5) The bottom piece should fit snugly with out any bumps. I didn't use any adhesive so that it could be easily removed in the future.

6) Measure the longest knife blade you plan to store in the drawer and make the wedge pieces the same length or about a half an inch shorter.

7) Also measure the heigh of your drawer.

8) Cut wedge pieces until you have enough to fit the full width of the drawer. (I wound up removing one after I had put the knives in, it was pretty tight).

9) Enjoy!