Blog Podium!

As if waking up at 6:30am Saturday morning, while already sick, for the antique show wasn't enough, I didn't want to miss Blog Podium. As soon as I got home from the show I emptied my purchases out of the jeep, changed and jumped back in the car, headed for Toronto.

It was interesting to attend the event, since at the moment I feel like KJ and Co. as a blog, is in the middle of an identity crisis. Trying to incorporate my new business venture in the wedding industry without abandoning entirely my "roots" as a design blogger, has been somewhat challenging so far. I hope you're all still enjoying following along.

Anyway, back to the event... It was at the new Arcadian Loft in downtown Toronto. (Amazing food, gorgeous view, absolutely beautiful event space. They didn't miss a single detail. Even the wait staff have the neatest uniforms.)

I've always enjoyed reading Little House Blog and Rambling Renovators. Bloggers Lindsay and Jenn are the creative geniuses behind Blog Podium and I've been looking forward to their second seminar for months now.

Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely (one of my faves) was the keynote speaker and she didn't disappoint. Loads of helpful information.

Panel discussion
200 Canadian bloggers attended!

all images above by Mango Studios

Special thanks to all the sponsors for providing us lucky bloggers with lots of treats!
I'm so glad that I went, despite feeling awful. I wish I hadn't lost my voice and that I could have chatted with everyone and introduced myself to more of the fantastic bloggers in attendance. It was nice to put faces to names. Felt kind of surreal to have us all in one place. I had a chance to meet with a few of the vendors at the meet and greet. I'm still going through all the goodies in my gift bag and other items.

I look forward to future Blog Podium events and being able to meet more great Canadian bloggers.

For a list of everyone in attendance, visit Brittany's list. Or visit this page to see all the links for bloggers' recaps of the event.