Don't Wish For A Do-Over

Nearly every time

I tell a married friend or acquaintance about my wedding planning business, their eyes get big and they tell me in a very serious tone:



I had a wedding planner when


got married."

Don't wish for a do-over.

Wouldn't you love to have a professional to help you with the day-to-day pl

anning? Someone to hunt down those amazing table linens. To let you know how to handle guests who haven't sent their RSVPs back or worse yet, RSVP'd with uninvited guests. Need someone to run interference for your future-mother-in-law or a know-it-all bridesmaid? Let me wrangle your wedding party during your rehearsal as well as your wedding day so you don't have to be Bridezilla.

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Andrew Mark Photography

Your on-site venue coordinator is not likely to step in when the limo is 45 minutes late to pick you up, nor will they notice if the florist has delivered the wrong order. Are they packing an emergency kit, a list of contact numbers and an itinerary of your entire day? What happens if the venue folded all 200 napkins in a fan, the way you specifically asked them not to? Your wedding planner is there to fix it. To find the problems


they happen, better yet, before those problems find



Enjoy your engagement and 

wedding day the way that you’re meant to.

You have a job to do, a fiancé to spend time with, and parties to enjoy! Who has time to plan the biggest day of their life all by themselves? Why not let a

certified wedding planner

handle some of the stress. On the day of, wouldn't you rather get pampered and relax with your loved ones, instead of rushing around fixing all the last minute details and setting out décor?

Invest in peace of mind.

Think of all the money you will spend on flowers, décor, photography… Will it all have been worth it if in the end all you can remember is the stress you felt and what went wrong?

All of our

packages are customizable

and can be tailored to fit your needs and your budget. I would love to sit down for a complimentary consultation to discuss your wedding and how I can help.