Picking Professionals: Photography

I love the thrill of a good deal and I totally understand the desire for big savings when it comes to planning your wedding. That being said, there are certain vendor categories where I advise against the urge to search for the lowest-price.

picking a wedding photographer, vintage rentals ontarioAfter the vows are said, the cake is devoured, and the honeymoon tan fades, all you will have left of your wedding are your photos, (and in some cases video but that's a post for another day). For that reason,

I consider wedding photography
an important investment.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that couples rush and sign with the most expensive photographer they can find. Plenty of high-end fashion designers send looks down the runway that we wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, right? First and foremost, do your research. Luckily, looking is free!

Nowadays most professional wedding photographers have blogs featuring their work, so you can easily "window shop" online. When looking around, keep in mind that you're considering their shooting style, not judging the decor of the weddings they've featured.

Are there lots of candid shots, or mostly formal poses? Do they work with a second shooter? Are they capturing and sharing the moments you want to see of your own wedding? Do the photos seem appropriately touched up or over-stylized with digital filters and obvious airbrushing?

Do you really like what you see? If not, move on. It's that simple.

If you're interested, look in to the budget side of things next. If their fees and packages are not listed on their website, don't be afraid to email them and simply ask for more details. It doesn't hurt to include your wedding date at this point if you have it set, since they may or may not be booked. Also important, don't overlook tax! Forgetting about that pesky 13% can put you over budget pretty quickly.

Finding a photographer who fits your budget is not impossible. But make sure you love their work, not just the price tag. Don't compromise.

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Beyond their style and price being "right", what about chemistry? Don't forget your photographer will be up close and personal for some very intimate moments, on arguably the most important day of your lives. It's imperative that you have a connection, in order to feel comfortable with them and their camera present. If you've found a good fit, you'll be happy to follow their direction and often forget they're there while they snap away.

If you've absolutely fallen in love with a photographer but you're iffy about the price, consider which package is right for you. Do you really need photos at the salon in the morning, or goofy dance floor shots well in to the evening? Most packages are built around a number of hours and items included like prints or albums. It never hurts to ask if they're flexible, just be prepared for the occasional "no".

Take your time in choosing a wedding photography and don't let price be your only criteria. Be confident that you're getting photos you'll want to look at again and again and display proudly for years to come.