Guest Post: Cinematography From Outside In

After blogging Monday about wedding films, I thought it was best to let the professionals weigh in once again. Today, Victoria and Ricardo of Outside In Studio will be guest-blogging about wedding cinematography.

Outside In Studio is a cinematography company crafting wedding films and commercial works fuelled with personality and style. We're a small team with big ideas, whose work stems from a curiousity to capture the little things - the significantly insignificant. You'll be sure to find passion, perfection and inspiration at the heart of everything we do.

Chi Kei & Justin - Laughing All the Way! from Outside In Studio on Vimeo.

Wedding cinematography is a term that has come into prominence within the wedding industry in recent years, and, although it’s redundant to explain to a newly-engaged couple that you make “wedding films” not wedding videos, it is important to outline how these different terms make a world of difference and why they can be that much more excited to receive their final product. Wedding cinema has replaced wedding videography in what has been a relatively short time. 

And though it may seem like bogus marketing terminology – it does sound pretty fancy, doesn't it? – this couldn't be further from the truth. With out getting into boring specifics, technology advanced at such a pace that filmmaking equipment, the like of which had only been available to big commercial studios, became a viable option for indie filmmakers and wedding videographers. The result: videographers were able to do things that were only previously possible in big-budget films, with the same exact tools. Before you knew it, wedding videography had evolved into art; into cinema. And although tools and equipment play a big part in allowing us to tell meaningful stories, what really sets wedding cinematography apart is style  and sophistication.

Great wedding films embrace documentary filmmaking, conveying a couple’s personality and telling their story through image and sound. 

A good cinematographer uses their creativity, along with things like shot composition and perspective to put together powerful narratives. But it’s not all about filming the special day, as wedding cinematographers, we need to get to know our couples in order to make something they’ll really love. A big part of working towards a beautiful wedding film is identifying what makes the starring couple who they are, and that will guide our storytelling decisions once the big day comes along.

Behind-the-scenes photos by Tyler Hayward.

We’ve really just discussed the aesthetic benefits and story-driven approach of wedding cinematography, but why should couples consider investing  in a wedding film and what can they expect?

While photography can provide an instant glimpse into the special moments of your day, cinematography captures those very moments for you to relive over and over. Photography is necessary to capture the candid and the posed, but a wedding film provides a moving representation of your day as it unfolded. And, of course, sound is an integral part of wedding cinematography. Along with stunning moving images, one can preserve the tearful vows, the father of the bride’s speech, the groomsmen joking as they suit up. These instances are priceless, and delivering them to our couples is exactly why we love what we do.

At the end of the day, that’s exactly what you’re looking for – a  filmmaker who loves what they do. Likewise, we look for couples who are adventurous and ready to make a beautiful film with us. We’re continually inspired by our couple’s experiences and constantly push ourselves to find unique ways to tell these stories. 

That makes us happy, and our couples even happier!

Stills and wedding film by Outside In Studio