Guest Post: Investing Is Worth It

Following up on Monday's post about wedding photography, I invited Andrew and Emma of Andrew Mark Photography to elaborate on exactly what contributes to the price of wedding photography. (Or alternatively,  "Why the heck is it so expensive?!")

Hi Everyone!A little while ago our dear friend Krista asked for a bit of insight into the world of photography and why a professional photographer is an investment worth making.

Before we dive into our thoughts on the subject it might be good for you to know a bit about who we are…

Emma and I met early in high school and we were engaged and married within 4 years and have never looked back. We are a husband and wife team in love with each other, photography, artistic couples and their amazing weddings! We have been shooting professionally for 4 years now and can been seen on many popular wedding sites; Style Me Pretty and Wedding Bells to name a few.

Professional photography isn’t something that simply fell into our laps; I myself have known for quite a while that creating photos was for me. I started shooting around the age of 11 using my own little 35mm film camera and eventually found myself graduating top of my class from Sheridan’s incredible photography program.

When we’re not working with our couples you can find us planning our next adventure, camping in the backyard, eating with friends, or working in the veggie garden.  Andrew & Emma

There’s a ton of effort that a photographer goes through to develop a personal style that’s both unique to them and attractive to the eye of their couple. 

Photographers worth their salt have spent countless hours studying and perfecting their art; mastering both the technical and artistic components needed to craft the perfect image.

No matter what style of wedding you’re hoping to design there will always be a high level of excitement and intensity that your photographer needs to be comfortable working within. They need to create magazine quality images in under a minute whilst making sure that they don’t miss anything important around them. This takes time and an in-depth knowledge of both how weddings run, as well masterful control of their camera in an infinite number of settings to create and document the day the way it was designed. 

I myself spent 2 years putting together a portfolio for acceptance to school. Once in school, add to more 2 years spending every waking breath focusing on perfecting the art of photography. Upon graduating I pursued the wedding industry with everything I had and instantly found myself in love with every aspect of my job.

That’s another thing that’s absolutely essential to the investment in the right photographer… Passion.

Hiring a photographer who has a passion for their art will not only translate into even greater wedding photos but also raise the level of enjoyment you have making those same memories on your wedding day.

Your photographer is such a huge part of your day; they spent every moment with you and in many ways help with most decisions on the day of. If you’re not dealing with a professional photographer who knows and loves his or her job that can be a lot to handle for everyone else involved.

The time and effort involved in perfecting the art of photography is only one facet of the much bigger picture of what you’re investment in a photographer is. 

Most photographers work more than full time; especially come wedding season. 

Approximately 12% of a photographer’s working hours are spent actually taking photos. 

The remainder of the time is spent processing images, designing albums, meeting and booking with couples, and other boring business management stuff.

Professional Equipment

used to be a larger factor than in today’s digital age but I find it’s still applicable. There’s rarely a wedding we go to where we don’t have an “Uncle Bob” come and have an equipment comparison with us. But it’s more than that, you need to have the right equipment and knowledge to handle all scenarios and wedding settings. It’s more than just a nice camera and a lens worth more than 400 bucks. 

Your Photographer will invest thousands of dollars into the legal software and perfect equipment for shooting weddings and proceed to hone their skills to further their art.

At the end of the wedding day all that’s left will be your memories and the photos to remember them by.


in a professional is one of the best decisions one can make when it comes to planning a wedding and remembering how beautiful that day really was.