Guest Post: Potential Issues With Wedding Invitations

Today's guest post in the "Picking Professionals" series comes from Anista Designs.

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When it comes to weddings, there are so many different aspects that require coordination; dress, venue, flowers, cake…the list goes on. Planning tends to focus around the aesthetics of the big day and all of a sudden people realize, "Oops, we haven't arranged to invite our guests yet!"

Invitations are the first impression of your important day – they set the tone and they give your guests an idea of what to expect. They also serve a pretty direct purpose to get your guests to the right location. Certainly a crucial part of the process but many leave them until the last minute. The main reason for the delay is simply this is your first time planning a wedding! The time-frame you have set in your head may not coincide with the production time required.

Here are some issues that can arise when ordering invitations: 

Production & Shipping Time
Consider your invitation suite early to avoid timing issues. Depending on the style of your invitation or other stationery items, you may need custom ordered aspects for your design, the custom design process may endure some time or simply the creative process you have chosen (for example: Handmade, letterpress, boxed invites, etc). 

Proofread, Check & Double Check
Your stationery designer may catch the majority of mistakes (but maybe not names or locations.) You want your stationer focusing on design, not editing foreseen errors. Many stationery companies have a proof limit - additional proof revisions may have additional fees. Have a few different sets off eyes review your proofs. Little errors might not jump out at you when you've thought through the details over and over.

Multiple Contacts 
There are often lots of helpers planning the wedding; you and your partner, your mothers, friends, planners... When your vendor has one designated contact person, there is less chance for confusion and resulting errors, and also more efficient communication. Designating the main contact person reduces potential errors and allows you to focus on less administrative details.    

Respond In A Timely Fashion
Depending on the time of year you place your order, your designer may have increased volume. It is important to have someone act and respond in a timely fashion to ensure deadlines are met. If you're not answering your designer's questions, they can't go on to the next step, resulting in further delays.

Be Informed
Do a little research prior to shopping around, so you'll be informed of the costs, process, style choices and so on. Even a little knowledge will come in handy when it comes time to shop around for a designer and making choices with your budget in mind.

There is a reason you chose your vendors in the first place – because there was something about their work and/or customer service. Be confident with your decision and trust their abilities – if you feel you want to be directly involved with the design process, be clear with your expectations.

For more information about Oakville-based Anista Designs, visit their website.