BlushPretty Weighs In On Wedding Planners

Stephanie Daga, founder and creative director of BlushPretty in Toronto, was kind enough to share a little about her bridal makeup process and why she feels wedding planners are worth the investment:

Stephanie Daga, founder and creative director at BlushPretty
"A makeup and hair service on your wedding day can take about 90 minutes, sometimes less if you have already had a run-through with your artist. Normally, I set aside this amount of time to complete the bride's makeup and hair with the intention of leaving her about 45 minutes to step into her dress and snap a few shots before she has to leave to walk down the aisle. That said, over time, I've had to set aside much longer than 90 minutes just to work with the bride - why, you ask?  Well, it's because everyone in her bridal party, her family, her friends, need something from the bride - and for some reason, they don't think to ask while she's just sitting around waiting for her turn in the makeup and hair chair. Nope! Instead, the questions/requests/and the "I just need you to come here for just one second (which is really a ten minutes") come rapid fire the minute she sits down in my chair and is ready to start her beauty pampering.

I've seen brides get upset, flustered, and overwhelmed in the span of ten seconds when the members of her bridal party and family can't seem to troubleshoot the simplest of wedding items (who's collecting the gifts and envelopes?), let alone resolve their own minor issues (oh no - there's a crease in my shawl ... and my spanx are too tight!).  And let me tell you, no amount of makeup can hide the stress, confusion, and redness that comes with a bride having to manage all of them on her own ...

A wedding planner is a great investment, whether for the duration of your wedding planning or for the day of, to help you enjoy what they all say is "the best day of your life". She (or he) can be your point person to handle all issues, big or small, while you just sit back, relax, and watch your entire year of planning your walk down the aisle come together flawlessly."


Well said Stephanie! A wedding planner, like myself, will definitely help you iron out details, even down to the nitty gritty, during your planning process so there are fewer questions on the day of.

If you're planning your wedding Toronto or the GTA, visit BlushPretty's website to read more about their makeup, hair and mobile wedding services. Or stop in to their boutique down town to meet the team.