Megan & Adrian

Photo by Dudek Photography

Photo by Dudek Photography

Beginning planning our wedding, we were overwhelmed. There were so many details to consider, so many questions and so many things we did not want to overlook. Our biggest concern leading up to the wedding was to enjoy the wedding planning process and create a day that reflected us and our relationship. The best advice I received from a friend was to hire someone to help us with all those pieces. Looking back at our wedding day, I am so grateful that I took that advice. The initial consultation call we had with Krista made me certain we needed her involved in our wedding. Krista’s attention to detail made sure that no stone was left un-turned and in the end we had our dream wedding!

The best part of having Krista involved in our wedding was that she always advocated for us.

Planning a wedding was uncharted territory for us, and in a lot of cases we did not know what to ask for or when to push back on something with our vendors. Krista always stepped up and advocated for us, asking the difficult questions and ensuring that we got the most from all our vendors and venue. This was so wonderful as it removed us having to have sometimes difficult conversations but also helped to make our wedding come together beautifully. Krista helped with more than logistics with our wedding. She had advice when dealing with difficult interpersonal situations that arose, she helped with our rehearsal ensuring everyone knew their role and she always - ALWAYS - put us at ease - and that should not be overlooked in the months, days and hours leading up to your wedding!

On the day of our wedding, everything was a breeze. All our vendors were organized and not one issue came up. Looking back on our wedding day, we are so thankful to have the constant support of Krista and her team leading up to and on our wedding day. There was not one issue the entire day, and if there was Krista dealt with it and we never heard about it. I can’t go without mentioning is how Krista helped everyone at our wedding. When an elderly guest needed assistance getting to his car, Krista was on it, when I needed assistance getting my veil out, Krista was on it, when flowers stained one of my bridesmaids dresses, Krista was on it…I could go on and on.

One of my favourite moments of working with Krista was right before I walked down the aisle, she was there helping to get my dress just perfect and right before the doors opened she gave me the biggest smile and said “Are you ready?”. Without her by my side I would have been more stressed leading up to that moment, but right then I had a smile ear to ear and the only thing on my mind was marrying my best friend.

Krista - thank you for taking us on as a client, for becoming a friend, confidante, and always always having our back. You helped us create our dream wedding and we can not thank you enough for everything.