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Invest in your business: BOOK A CONSULTATION

One of the few things I miss about my previous lines of work is training and educating others - encouraging them towards success. Until recently, this has been missing so far in my journey as a business owner and wedding industry professional. I'm incredibly excited to offer business coaching services to wedding industry professionals.

Feedback from colleagues and coaching clients:

Prior to my consultation with Krista, I felt like I was stuck in a bubble with my business. I had a lot of questions and I was confused with how I should move forward with my business because I wasn't sure what I was exactly doing wrong. My biggest concern was I wasn't getting any inquiries and Krista simply answered the questions I had asked myself for so long. After the "Ideal Client" exercise everything just made much more sense.

I had a better and clearer vision on how to move forward and run my business. Beyond coaching, she encouraged me and built my confidence in this tough journey.

I feel much more confident about implementing these strategies. With my new understanding of how these strategies work, I am filled with excitement to put them into action and see the outcome.

Since our session, my overall approach on all aspects of the business have changed drastically. The changes have reflected good feedback. I'm already seeing exciting results. I would recommend KJ and Co. Consulting packages to other members of the wedding industry in a heartbeat. 

- Aussie Marie Ho of An Elegant Soirée

I felt unprepared to really “launch” and unsure if it really was a good idea for me at this time in my life.

Krista definitely offered me some great advice and made some solid points that I never even thought to consider. I found those really helpful. The most important thing that you focused on I think was reminding me to believe in myself and remember that I am qualified and need to give myself a bit more credit. I feel good about implementing the strategies we discussed and confident to.

Absolutely, without question, I would recommend KJ and Co. consults to other wedding industry business owners. I feel like 1 hour with Krista was so valuable to me – I can’t say enough positive things about the experience. If my business is going to be successful, I am willing to invest in it to make sure that I am prepared to make it successful… Krista's advice was very valuable to me. 

- Carina Cicero of Carina Allegra

Before my session with Krista, I felt unsure, overwhelmed and disorganized. My biggest concern was paperwork, time management and pricing. 

I was surprised how open and honest Krista was about everything. Her transparency and willingness to share her business model and forms was so refreshing and helpful. 

I have new-found confidence and motivation to implement the strategies we discussed. Thanks to Krista we have streamlined our screening process and therefore aren't spending a ton of time or coffee dates on inquiries that don't fit our brandor aesthetic.

I would absolutely recommend Krista to colleagues. She shared so many tips, tricks and tools to get us thinking smarter and operating smoother. Since our chat I've become a lot better and saying "no" and establishing clear boundaries and knowing my worth. I took Krista's advice and I'm better organized and booking the right clients. THANK YOU!

- Sarah Knol of Top Knot Events

The suggestions and guidance provided were all steps I can action and attain. A lot of the guidance I received in our session has since been reinforced to me in workshops I have attended and articles I have read. 

The strategies we discussed left me feeling confident in the steps I have already taken in my business and left me feeling more encouraged and motivated to make some more changes now knowing where to focus my attention. 

I'm noticing more email enquiries and my social media followers on Instagram are increasing everyday!

- Jennifer Troietto of The Wedding Pixie

We are committed to implementing Krista's strategies! We were easily able to improve our social media accounts with Krista's suggestions and we saw increases in traffic and quality of followers very quickly. We are currently working on her website suggestions and we are excited about the new direction and focus that she has given us!

Our social media count is up on all of our pages, with an increase in relevant followers. We've booked several new clients since we spoke to Krista, and we've also found it easier to audit the quality of leads that we've received as well. 

I would 100% recommend KJ & Co. consulting to other members of the wedding industry in all stages of their business careers. Krista is personable and very knowledgeable and she has even set up a panel of like-minded professionals to assist with her audit of our materials, which helped to give us a broad range of opinions and suggestions. 

- Alisha Chadee & Michelle Brijlal of Whim Event Coordination & Design

I definitely had some reservations in the area of pricing and understanding my 'worth'. It was great to get guided in the right direction, and to be reminded that I was pricing competitively.

I feel good implementing these strategies. More so because I know this has been done by someone who is doing well in the industry. Not from someone who I've never met before or someone without real world experience.

I'm much more confident with my pricing and my contracts. I've updated them to reflect what I learned, and am more direct with clients about their meanings. I'm also much more confident to explain my pricing and why I'm priced the way I am. I've already booked more clients at the higher price range.

I would absolutely recommend Krista. She has great feedback, and her real world experience gives her an edge. It makes me more confident knowing that she's used these strategies and worked them through, to know what works and what doesn't.

- Danielle Shaw of Shaw Events

It has been a pleasure working with Krista from KJ and Co over the last year and a half.

Krista has a vast knowledge of the Wedding Industry and what brides are looking for. She is an expert in marketing, advertising and stream lining operations.  I think she would be a great coach or mentor for anyone looking to break into Wedding Industry and build a successful business.

Krista has been a great asset to 586 Event Group and the growth of our business. She is someone who will always tell the truth, and see things from bride’s point of view. We have benefited greatly from having Krista to bounce ideas off and ask for her opinion on important topics like our packages and advertising. Little suggestions like simplifying our email system has saved us many hours each week and made our lives that much easier as our business grows. There is a reason why so many brides trust her with planning the most important day of their life.

Over time our business relationship has grown into a friendship and I am very happy to have Krista as trusted advisor to 586 Event Group. 

Michael Marion & Hugo Pineda of 586 Event Group

From our very first meeting it was clear that Krista really cares about you and your business. She asked thoughtful questions to make sure the materials and responses she was sending were exactly what I needed. I never felt for a second that I was just another client. Working with Krista was a huge confidence boost for me as I embarked on filling all the little holes in my business. She intuitively saw the essence of what I was trying to convey in my work as a florist, took all the information from our session and created a clear action plan, recommendations and included templates that I could use to implement it all.

I walked away from our sessions feeling clearer, more energized, more confident, and more relaxed about this often overwhelming industry. I’d recommend Krista to anyone looking to take their business to the next level!

- Samantha Forrest of Pocket Of Posies

Krista is an accomplished wedding planner who has an innate intuition for business. It is this innate intuition that has made her one of the top wedding planners in the region, and one of my valued advisors and friends in the industry. When I started my business two years ago, I was confronted by the fact that there was a lot that I didn't know about the wedding industry, and that there were a lot of people who claimed to know the industry and its clientèle, but for a hefty price. Often-times their advice missed the mark. 

Consultations with Krista were different. She was friendly, open, and listened intently. Krista offered advice that was timely, appropriate and specific to my business, and where it was at the time. She didn't try to apply a one-size-fits-all solution to me. Upon applying her words of wisdom, my business is gaining traction, and headed towards where I want it to be.

- Shelly Spithoff of Shelly Spithoff Photography