Featured | Girl, Put In Work

Gillian of Soundslikeyellow Photography is one of those girls who gets it.  

She's sweet, and talented, and business-minded, and I want to steal her wardrobe. (I've warned her about this.) We can easily talk business and life for hours and hours and hours, and we love to do so, over wine and pasta, or tea and baked goods. So when Gillian asked to include me in her Girl, Put In Work series, I said abso-freakin-lutely. 

Actually, I probably said something more along the lines of "Yes. Holy cow. I need to clean up!" and then I promptly took on the challenge of completely reorganizing and switching around the rooms I use for my home office and vintage and event rentals storage. 

The office switch-a-roo is finally done, thanks in large part to my husband. Luckily, upon completion, it remained tidy long enough for Gillian to visit and snap away. Check the feature out,  and some more pics of the new office - AKA KJ and Co. "world headquarters" - here.

Krista Olynykpress, featured